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Post by scar »

I graduated from school this past friday class 01-10
3/75 C 1-1

RS 01-10

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Re: 01-10

Post by Invictus »

Outstanding, congrats!

01-10, doesn't really roll off the tongue like 10-93 does it?
Beats a bald PC though...
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Re: 01-10

Post by scar »

Invictus wrote:Outstanding, congrats!

01-10, doesn't really roll off the tongue like 10-93 does it?
Beats a bald PC though...
Thanks and no it doesnt. I can't quite dust the salt off my Tab yet..it seems to stay away from the cherry stems that come off it
3/75 C 1-1

RS 01-10
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Re: 01-10

Post by Rangertom »

"The existence of a tool should not predicate reliance upon that tool."
"Stupid is supposed to hurt"
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Re: 01-10

Post by Oto-Man »

Good job RANGER!!!
B Co 2/75 (WEBCO)
RS Class 1-90
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Re: 01-10

Post by Richard Cranium »

Goddamnit, I wish I would have known! I would have been at Mother Benning to see that! Either way, CONGRATS BROTHER!!! You've come a long way in a short amount of time from that track at Austin High! Keep kicking ass!

I'd like to be a fly on the wall when you and your brother get together and start talking shit to each other now....
"The way of the warrior is in training" ~Sun Tzu

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Class 03-07
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Re: 01-10

Post by Rangerguru »

Congratulations Ranger!!!
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Re: 01-10

Post by McD »

Congrat's on getting your shit!!! (We use to call it that in the OLD days) :)
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Re: 01-10

Post by Ranger Bill »

Good job. More will be expected of you now. The reward for doing a good job is always more work.

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Re: 01-10

Post by Jim »

Now the tough part begins. Everyone will have higher expectations for you.
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Re: 01-10

Post by Bravo57 »

Good on you stud. Now the world will expect more. GO!
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Re: 01-10

Post by panthersix »

There's no better feeling than going back to your Company with the TAB! Well, there is but that only lasts 5 minutes..tops
Doc Mac
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Re: 01-10

Post by centermass »

Well done.

Do pushups....... :mrgreen:
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Re: 01-10

Post by ZoneIV »

Geez...you certainly did get a rash of shit in your initial introduction post and look where you are today. You reached your objective. Seems like a lifetime ago doesn't it? You are no doubt a different Man today! Congratulations on getting your shit! Outstanding job Ranger!
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Re: 01-10

Post by Zonk 1/75 »

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