bully911 sitrep numero 2

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bully911 sitrep numero 2

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hey Rangers,
im in week eight now, just got our "big guns" on friday. I got my fireteams saw. Yeeeeaaahhhh!!!! We're on a 7hour Sand Hill pass. Im doing good, unlike a lot of the option 40 fucktards in my platoon. most of them want to quit now, and a few are even refusing to train! pathetic! :evil: were doing squad movemments/tactics this week, and move onto ait phase soon. This shit is cool, but they should put more in a day. Well, im staying motavated. thanks for all the info and support/guidance its been helping a lot.
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Ignore the quitters and drive on to the objective! If it was easy, anybody could do it.
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Post by fireranger »

Keep up the motivation.
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Remember as you forge ahead you will see plenty of quiters, just keep driving forward. Maintain focus. This is where the boys whine and the men drive.


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Fuck the quiters Bully, you just suck it up and drive on. Learn as much as possible and be the best you can be at everything you do.

Quiters and Shitbags will only drag you down! Stay away from them.
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Post by Earthpig »

Glad to hear you're smoking it. Keep it up. Have fun and stay motivated...it makes the time fly by. Remember what they're teaching you. It will save your life down the road. Drop me a line, if you get bored.
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Post by Bell »

Drive on. Ignore the trash.


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Post by Hoover »

Bully, sounds like you're doing good, never mind those that quit, stay focused and enjoy that SAW! :)
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Post by SkyShark »

a PASS?!?!?!?!?

Must be nice.

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Post by Nomad »

Good job...have fun with the SAW!

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Post by Maggot275 »

Quitters love company, don't fall in with them. It starts to suck and a guy you think is your buddy misses his girlfriend or some other shit and will say the golden phrase "I'll quit if you quit." Fuck them, it ain't for everybody, leave 'em in the slit trenches and drive on with your bad self. Good Luck.
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