Option 40 Enlistment Bonus

Questions and Answers about obtaining an Option 40 Contract and other routes to serving as a Ranger in the US Army.
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Option 40 Enlistment Bonus

Post by PerryB »

Effective today DA has authorized enlistment bonus (new enlistments only) for certain MOSs with an option 40. Here is part of the message: RGV4-OPT 40 BONUS: Authorized for a specified MOS that is combined
with OPT 40 training and identified in REQUEST. The parent MOS will
determine the TOS. This bonus may be combined with other incentives
and will be paid once the Soldier completes Ranger Assessment and
Selection Program (RASP) and arrives at a Ranger Unit. The bonus is
invalid if the Soldier fails to complete RASP or declines assignment
to a Ranger Unit. If a higher priority requirement necessitates
assigning the applicant to a Non-Ranger unit after successful
completion of RASP, the incentive will be paid. Bonus amounts are
$5,000 or $10,000.

Usually this will be for support MOSs only not 11X.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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Re: Option 40 Enlistment Bonus

Post by centermass »


Any further info as to the MOS's this covers?
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Re: Option 40 Enlistment Bonus

Post by Jim »

centermass wrote:Perry,

Any further info as to the MOS's this covers?
I talked to Perry B today. He says there are no new developments. However, several of our future soldiers have been reporting that the recruiters are not offering any 11X option 40 slots. Only support MOS option 30. Interesting.
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