At the end of Ranger school

Three phases and 62 days of hell. This section named in honor of MAJ John Whyte who was taken from us on 04/17/05.
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At the end of Ranger school

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How long after you complete Ranger school. Are you accepted by the Ranger's that where already there?

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If you have done what you should be doing, it is a mute point.

If you are a slug, non-hacking piece of shit, lucking out and getting the Tab ain't gonna change the fact that you are a slug, non-hacking piece of shit.

However, if you are a squared away troop that has ALWAYS got your buddies back, the guys that work with you everyday (Tm Ldrs, Sqd Ldrs, etc.) are gonna know that BEFORE you go to school. The system is designed that way, so that we keep slug, non-hacking pieces of shit from poisoning our well. Then, getting your Tab is only "checking the block" so to speak, to pave the way for you getting a Tm Ldr job, etc., and "justifying" what you team leader has already know for months - that you've got what it takes.
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