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Pt scores

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This is my first post. I joined this site to help me train better for Rasp. My current pt scores are-
Push ups- 66
Sit ups- 72
2 mile run- 14:30

Pull ups- 12
5 mile run- 38:40

I would appreciate if rangers could critique my scores, and advice me on getting better.


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Re: Pt scores

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Thank you for posting your introduction.

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Re: Pt scores

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The key thing to all of the APFT events is it do more of that item. Besides the 2 mile and 5 mile run, doing more pushups, situps,and chinups. Ensure you do both but Chinups are what is tested in Jump school and RASP. Research that if you don't know the difference.

Check out proper technique for all things. Even running. See if you can self improve. Moreover, ask a friend to grade/watch you doing all of those things do you can be more conscious of what you do well and where you can improve.

There is no secret thing to being good at the APFT events. One thing folks do is ruck before shipping. If you have the means, I'd recommend you look into it. Ask in Discord or research on here about it. Weight lifting is another great routine to get into outside of running but there is a lot to that as well. There is no secret. You just need to learn your body and work your weaknesses.
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