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Longest Run

Post by JordanT »

For members of all branches, currently serving and otherwise:

What is the longest run you ever had to do in your entire military career?

I'm sure many of you have heard of the "3 mile run" (12 miles) that paratroopers at Camp Toccoa ran in WWII. That seems pretty crazy to me since the farthest I've ever run in my life is 8 miles. Just trying to get a feel for the distances one will be expected to run, especially in the Infantry.

Thanks for any help,
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Post by AbnRgr289 »

13 miles.

It started out to be a 10 mile Bn run led by the BC, when we returned to the Barracks at the end of the 10 miles we went right on by and made a little 3 mile addition. That was in 3rd Bn in '88 or '89.

There's a few more members here that would remember that one!
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Post by rgrpuck »

20 mile Uarrie trail run.
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Post by 66G_RN »

15 miles but there's no exciting story to go along with that. I was running that distance once a week to prep for EFMB, supplemented by shorter, faster runs the rest of the week. You can run farther if you get your mind in the right place and push your body to go farther.
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Post by SmileyTFJ »

10 miles in Bad Aibling. Running around the post through the tractor/dirt roads in the fields.

The second one I have no clue how far I ran. Ended up getting lost in the fields somewhere on a pt run. Found my way to a major (or what I would call major in the middle of nowhere Germany) road and started running back toward post. Eventually my squad leader and platoon sergeant came driving down the road and picked me up for the last few miles. Wasn't very funny at the time but I laugh about it now. Good lesson for all in accountability.
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Post by Zonk 1/75 »

Several 12 mile “perimeterâ€
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Post by Cat »

66G_RN wrote:15 miles but there's no exciting story to go along with that. I was running that distance once a week to prep for EFMB, supplemented by shorter, faster runs the rest of the week. You can run farther if you get your mind in the right place and push your body to go farther.
Good point...just let your mind go somewhere else.

I used to listen the chime my dog tags made as they hit each other. That cadence helped a lot while running not in formation.

My longest was around 10 miles. Those were the runs where your CO tells you a route and you run on your own. The long runs weren’t the hardest ones, imho.

The worst runs in the Army are the Battalion, Brigade, Post runs you have to do. Those are slow. They also have the slinky affect –you bunch up and run slow and then you look up and your platoon is far behind so you’ve got to sprint. Sometimes you can’t hear the cadence so you just end up mumbling something in tune just to make noise. Your knees and ankles hurt from running so slowing. By the end of those runs you just want loose!

These runs can also be the most rewarding. A time for unit cohesion and pride. Although I hated the slinky effect I do miss the units runs….seeing all the other COs.. the guide-ons, the other soldiers and to be a part of a massive movement was a great experience all in all.
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Post by LastHardSapper »

Ran many 12-13 mile runs training, ran the Army 10 miler twice when stationed in the DC area. Broke 70 minutes both times, best was 66:07 in 1994. Still run 2 miles every day (my old broke down back and knees can'y handle much more).
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Post by Chiron »

We had a platoon party one night all got in at 03:00 drunker than ever. Murphy’s law in effect and the BN Co called an alert at 05:00. Orders came down to form up in PT suits. So we’re out there and Ltc Powell goes through the normal shit “All those that fall out are Dxed…..â€
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Post by Julieanne »

:? Our section didn't run all that much. But when we did, it always seemed to be a 4 miler, at 1400, in the middle of July, at Ft. Bragg. Good grief! I hated that crap :x .
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Post by RGR_Dan »

In '97, '98 some genius decided we should do 10 mile standard runs once a month. Those along with the 5mile standard run on mon morning and the 6mile road march on friday.

Our PSG got pissed at us quite a bit so he would run us from 3rd batt to Uchee creek a couple times a year. The rumer was that that the run was about 12-14 miles depending on who you asked.

On one such occassion, I called one of the "unapproved" cadences on mainpost and when we got out to Uchee Creek, I had to run around the formation as it ran back to 3bat.

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Post by RTO »

12 kilometer 'Sound to Narrows' race. 1990. We (2/75) ran as a Bn. and finished in front of all the 12 man 'super squads' and most of the individual runners that year. We averaged 5+- minute miles. I ran it with my ruck carrying the 26 lbs. rock which later became known as "The 10 Commandments"

My squad leader 'encouraged' me :roll: to have it with me whereever we went for several months
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Post by Disinfertention »

18 miles.. just for fun while over in the Box... 1:15:35
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Post by Silverback »

Mentally the longest run I ever completed was my 12-mile Foot march in Air Assault school (I wasn't going to allow a leg to finish first).

Physically the longest run I completed was a 15-mile tour of the Italian countryside with a Ranger buddy.
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Post by deleon275 »

12 miles. I never thought I could get blisters in running shoes until I did that.
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