Almost time for RIP

Ground Week, Tower Week, Jump Week.
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Almost time for RIP

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Hello Rangers,
Just thought I'd update everyone once again on how things are going. At the moment, it is wednesday of Jump Week here at Airborne School. Because of the Labor Day weekend we've had a short week and had to do multiple jumps. I did a "hollywood" jump yesterday, and one more today, along with a combat equipment jump as well. So 3 in the books, 2 more until I get my wings! Which also means I'm only a day and a half away from starting RIP, or RIP hold at least. I've got to admit I've been more concerned with making it through RIP than I have been with surviving jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, but I'm determined to make it through. I can't exactly place where I read it on this forum, but someone hit the nail on the head with how they worded it, something to the effect of "They'll have to drag me away, kicking and screaming, because I will not quit." Anyways, thanks to all the Rangers who have given me encouragement and advice, hopefully the next time I get the chance to update, I'll have my tan beret and scroll! Thanks again, take care. Rangers Lead The Way

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Re: Almost time for RIP

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You can, you will, you must. Take note of how many men begin RIP with you, how many leave in the first week and how many are standing at graduation. And be certain that you are among those at graduation.
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Re: Almost time for RIP

Post by Jim »

Great SITREP. Never, never quit!!!
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Re: Almost time for RIP

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Best of Luck, keep it going, get your scroll young man!
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Re: Almost time for RIP

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My best advice to you is to give 100% every minute of every day and only associate with those who do the same!

Good luck!
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Re: JRhea716 - Almost time for RIP

Post by Steadfast »

RangerRon wrote:My best advice to you is to give 100% every minute of every day and only associate with those who do the same!

Good luck!
Well said my Brother RangerRon.
Keep driving on JRhea716!

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