Finally Arrived

Ground Week, Tower Week, Jump Week.
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Finally Arrived

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Hello Rangers,

It's been a while since I last posted any updates on my training, so here's a quick recap. I started with E Co 1-50th during OSUT, broke my wrist in around week 5 or 6, stuck around till week 11, went home on con leave, came back to OSUT and recycled to A Co 1-50th around week 4. Two weeks ago I graduated and earned my blue cord and crossed rifles. I spent a week at Airborne hold, then a few days doing in-processing at Airborne. It's Monday, August 24, and I am through with my first day of Ground Week. Passed my PT test with ease, and I'm really looking forward to earning my wings in a few weeks. I still have my RIP contract, and I'm devoting myself to boosting up my pushups. After breaking my wrist, my PT scores suffered dramatically. As of now I'm back up to a 265, and I'm feeling confident about the future. Thanks for all the encouragement and advice, I just thought I'd post an update on my training. Lead the Way

Pv2 Rhea

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Re: Finally Arrived

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Good luck young man.....
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Re: Finally Arrived

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Good SITREP! Even better to see your progress. Please keep us updated. Never, never quit!!!
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Re: Finally Arrived

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Drive on. You can, you will, you must.
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