Advice from nearly 35 years ago...

Ground Week, Tower Week, Jump Week.
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Advice from nearly 35 years ago...

Post by garyedolan »

Got an email today from an Airborne student from nearly 35 years ago--amazed he remembered our words of advice:
"Dan Villarreal here from Airborne Class # 43 of May/June '74:
Still here at UT-Austin doing my doctorate; I travel to Taipei, Taiwan, pretty frequently for language study (Mandarin Chinese) and work (teaching English and TOEFL). Just accepted a cool evening contract job at Municipal Court here in Austin as a Court Interpreter. The pace will be fairly slow so that I can get in some studying and reading on the clock! Just like Ranger School--NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"I'll tell you guys the same thing I would tell my sister if she were to go out on a date with one of you guys: keep your feet and knees together!"--Cpt Dolan

Last day advice to Class 43 from the Tower Committee before moving on to Jump Week.

Dan V, 11A5SLA"
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Re: Advice from nearly 35 years ago...

Post by XCrunner »

Thanks Ranger garyedolan! That was a fun read for me, my class kicks off Jump Week tomorrow with our first two jumps.
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Re: Advice from nearly 35 years ago...

Post by 42L5V »

Hell, I've heard that name before. I know a person or two in Austin. Wasn't there a football game there a couple years ago?

Silverback was just bragging about former students in the men's room, wasn't he?

Kudos to you Sir, for making an impression on someone long ago, who had the courtesy, guts, and memory to send a message. I always told my students "If you see me on the street, and you were a shithead, keep walking by." I've counted 5 times that someone wrote. I was a wee lad in '74 when you trained this man.

Pride is solemn, but lasts forever. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Advice from nearly 35 years ago...

Post by lowe1648mt »

I remember the fist advise from the jump master on our first jump. " If you have to use the barf bag, don't leave it on the plane. Take it with you and play bombs away with your buddy." May 1968
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