Introduction- Sniggle0788

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Introduction- Sniggle0788

Post by Sniggle0788 »

I am sorry for not posting here in a very long time. Rest assured I've been training hard and getting ready for the long and hard road ahead of me. I am 7 days from shipping out to MEPS at Fort Meade with my 11x op40 contract. Today at my recruiting station I took a PT test to qualify for a promotion to PFC, and my results are as follows:
PU- 70, 99pts
SU- 85, 100pts
2 Mi- 10:51, 100pts

I have also run my 5 mile in 34:50, and can complete 12-13 perfect form Ranger standard Pull-ups. In addition, I have been spending significant time under ruck and can knock out the 12 mile with confidence. My goal now is to improve my PT abilities above and beyond what I'm capable of now so that I may hang with the top quarter of those along side me in PRE-RASP and RASP; OSUT will provide a 22 week window for me to do so. On June 5/6, D-Day, I participated in and completed a GORUCK heavy 24hr ruck event, which gave me a taste of the suck one might meet in RASP. I was lucky enough to meet 2 Rangers who participated in sniper teams and CSAR teams in Mogadishu. They gave me some solid advice which I look forward to applying to myself in OSUT/RASP.

This was just a little check in, as I haven't been present on this forum in a while. Feel free to provide advice or just to sound off in the comments below!
---Sniggle0788, PVT.Dylan Loomis
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Re: Introduction- Sniggle0788

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Good update, keep driving on.

Don't post anything with "RLTW" until you earned it jerk-off.

Looking forward to the point at which you do.
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Re: Introduction- Sniggle0788

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Well, you're in the Army. Tell us all about that Army training. We have a forum for that: Letters from School.

Have fun.
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