Introduction - Veronica

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Re: Introduction - Veronica

Post by Lunch »

Once you get there in your training, please provide some feedback on whether or not my suggest treatments is consistent with what you learned as a 68W; and if so, the mechanisms behind the injury and the why this treatment helps.
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Re: Introduction - Veronica

Post by cams »

Welcome to, as for ice treatment, I’ve been seeing several Docs lately for lingering injuries, and been told that if using real ice, it’s ok to use directly on the skin for up to 30 mins at a time, if using chem pack cold therapy you need some type of buffer (soft cloth) and to only use those for about 10 mins at a time to prevent chem burn on the skin.

Accuracy may change by the Doc but that’s the latest info I got at a local Boston hospital.

One of our members here who is a personal friend, Ranger Vee, just graduated his daughter from Basic and I believe she is also a 68W, I’ll reach out to him and send him a link to this thread, he’s very proud of her as I’m sure your folks/family are, maybe he or she can offer some good advice for you on that road.

You seem pretty squared away so far from what I’ve read, wish you the best on your journey and grateful for the young men and women like you willing to step up and take your shot.

In the words of our friend Ranger Jim, “Never Quit”, I think he would’ve liked you.
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Re: Introduction - Veronica

Post by Itsronni »

Roger Ranger Lunch.
Ranger Cams, thank you so much for the kind words and the advice. I read a lot of Ranger Jim’s advice on this board, and when I’m running, hurting, just wanting to stop, I think to myself “Never, never quit” and push on. 25+1.
Also, I would love the opportunity to talk to either Ranger Vee and/or his daughter, any advice I can get I soak up.
I ship out today. Needless to say, I am very excited. I feel ready and confident, but staying humble, eager to learn and to embrace the suck.
Thank you to all the Rangers for the warm welcomes and advice, all of it is much appreciated and taken to heart! When I can, I’ll definitely be making SITREPS in the Letters From School section.
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Re: Introduction - Veronica

Post by centermass »

Good luck and keep us posted.
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Re: Introduction - Veronica

Post by Disinfertention »

Looking forward to your Letters from School thread. I saw some of Vee's posts on FB, not sure if I can track him down outside of the site. I'll toss something out there since I was reminded and it was brought up.

Good friend of mine used to yell at our TRADOC people in OCS... "Slow down, Never quit".... Not the most amazing quote, not like Ranger Jim's. Valid all the same. I frequently use it as I have gotten shittier at everything in my 30's.
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Re: Introduction - Veronica

Post by xray »

Stay positive, be smart and good luck. Keep us posted as you can.


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Re: Introduction - Veronica

Post by Vee »

I will read through this thread later.
My daughter is currently a Combat Medic in the 25th Infantry. I will see if she feels like answering questions or giving advice.
Will check in later.
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