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Post by Ifailalot »

Hey My name is Sean im 17 y/o currently living in sweden hoping to enlist with an option 40 as soon as possible.

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Re: Hey

Post by centermass »

With regards to your screen name, failure and quitting is not an option.

Let's hope that neither happens.

Welcome to ArmyRanger.com.
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Re: Hey

Post by Jim »

Welcome Sean, If you truly want to earn a place in the 75th Ranger Regiment, you're at the right site. We at ArmyRanger.com take a great deal of pride in the young men who pass through here on their life journey. Please tell us more about yourself. Most of the questions you might have can be addressed by using the search feature, located on the top left of this page in the Quick Links. Please read the FAQs, as well as select stickies and threads. You need to learn what the standard Army PT test consists of, so self-administer an AFPT on this thread in the next 72 hours. Never, never quit!
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Re: Hey

Post by CharlieRanger1FFV »

Welcome to the site, Sean.

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Re: Hey

Post by cams »

Is your screen name a preface to your introduction of "hey"?

Probably one of the worst words you could use when introducing yourself to anybody, never mind a bunch of Rangers. Try again and attempt a small amount of professionalism if you can manage.
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Re: Hey

Post by RangerX »

I'll be that guy:

...is the first stage of horseshit.

Are you a US citizen? Is English your 1st language? Why did you no punctuate your sentence properly? Why did you no capitalize Sweden?
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Re: Hey

Post by Ifailalot »

Roger Ranger Cams.

I Will be more professional and not behave like this anymore, If i make mistakes i Will correct them from here on.

RangerX, I just became a US Citizen a few weeks back.
English is not My first language but im better at grammar than what i displayed in My introduction.

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