My introduction into the Army Ranger world.

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My introduction into the Army Ranger world.

Post by offsetshot »

Hello everyone my name is Jalen I am 20 years old and I'm going to be an Army Ranger.

I am determined and highly motivated towards working on my goal everyday.

I pt everyday
50 assorted pullups/chinups
50 triceps dips
300 pushups
and I swim everyday of the week for about an hour.
this is Monday through Friday I also attend my MMA gym here in salt lake Monday through Friday I learn jiu jitsu judo wrestling mma kickboxing and muay thai at my gym.
I do every kind of workout you can think of kettlebells are great elastic band workouts with pushups are excellent I do yoga i attend multiple fitness classes throughout the week consisting of boot camp style workouts, cycling, weight training. swat which is special water aerobics tactics, and a number of water cardio classes i would definitely recommend these water cardio style workouts some of the best. Your local recreation center may have opportunities for these types of classes.
Saturdays I do upper body weight lifting no calisthenics. every single muscle upper body I target with a wide range of different equipment's such as cables, dumbells, bars, press machines etc.
Sundays i do lower body training my legs and I run 26 miles. in no more than 3 hours this is my pt throughout the week everyday I never miss one day rain sun snow tornado my motto is everyday your not training I am.

When working your body everyday like this I would highly recommend stretching I have very good stretching information if anyone is interested I would also recommend eating properly.

I also ruck march a few miles each day with my ruck to and from the gym and work.

I work as a painter part time I enjoy painting peoples homes and making them beautiful.
I also work at a fast food restaurant part time. Handling peoples food demands it of course is lower level work but I make the best out of it.

I enjoy reading war books specifically on Vietnam my grandpa was a Marine in Vietnam and I just find it intriguing reading the books and thinking he lived there for 2 years fighting the war as an infantryman.

For my free time I enjoy shooting, parachuting, and scuba diving and any style of martial arts including tai-chi.

I am here of course to gain more knowledge to help me to and through regiment.
I am not enlisted in the US Army right now but do have some information than can help others that are in my situation.

Never quit ever no matter what!

Never give up.

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Re: My introduction into the Army Ranger world.

Post by Jim »

You only get one introduction.
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