Special Ops Veteran Slips Back Into Family Undetected

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Special Ops Veteran Slips Back Into Family Undetected

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http://www.theonion.com/content/news_br ... eran_slips

Special Ops Veteran Slips Back Into Family Undetected
July 7, 2008 | Issue 44•28

ORLANDO, FL—After spending six years overseas as a covert operations specialist, Joe Jacobs slipped silently back into his family unit Tuesday, reappearing inside his home's dining room as if out of thin air. "This truck exploded across the street, and when we looked back, Dad was sitting next to me, already halfway through his chicken-fried steak," said son Michael, adding that the pyrotechnic diversionary tactic was "classic Dad." "Other than the 6-inch scar across his face, it's like he was never gone." Upon his return, Jacobs immediately demanded a concise summary of the last 10 arguments between Michael and his sister Lauren, as well as a quick debriefing re: the whereabouts of that raccoon that used to live in the shed.
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Hahahah! Nice.
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That's funny! :lol:

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