Introduction - James

IF you are a Ranger or are serving/have served in the Armed Forces, please include your dates of service, unit(s) and additional info. Please protect your privacy by not including full names and current personal information.

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IF you are a Ranger or are serving/have served in the Armed Forces, please include your dates of service, unit(s) and additional info. Please protect your privacy by not including full names and current personal information.
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Introduction - James

Post by loctavius »

Hello all,

Apparently I violated protocol by posting and not doing this first. Sorry about that! I'm having issues finding my way around. Hopefully you won't hold it against me.

I am a disabled veteran of Desert Storm. I was 16S10 - MANPADS, or Stinger Gunner if you want the unofficial title. I believe the 16 series has been redesignated as 14 now. I also was a driver for the M163 Vulcan. I was in from 1988-1992. I joined in the summer between 11th and 12th grade with the intention of doing 20+ years.

I spent about a year and a half at Ft. Bliss. I was assigned to A 5/62, 11th ADA. I got tired of being in a FORSCOM unit on a TRADOC post, so I requested levy for Korea and got it. I further asked for duty on the DMZ and got that, being assigned to A 5/5 ADA. I really loved that year. I PCS'd back to Ft. Bliss and three weeks later was sent to Desert Shield.

My platoon got attached to the 6th French Light Armored, so we saw a little bit of action against some Republican Guard units. Nothing like OIF/OEF though. When we got back to the port and were cleaning equipment, I had part of my foot crushed. It required surgery. My unit left two days later and I stayed behind for surgery and recovery until they could put me on a medical flight home. After I healed, it became obvious that I couldn't run without a lot of pain. I also was starting to deal with some PTSD. I was medically discharged three months short of four years.

I was devastated. I was slated for PLDC when I got hurt, and I was planning on changing my MOS to 11B. I was told I could do that and ask for Airborne too. My plan was to do that, go to RIP, and if I made it I would try to be a Ranger. If I washed out I would have been OK being an Airborne grunt.

These days I am a middle school teacher. I teach 8th grade science. Some days it is harder than being in Iraq, because you bet attached to these kids, buti still love it. We are in the process of starting a Civil Air Patrol cadet program at our school, and I will be a Captain and the deputy commander. I am very excited to implement this - it will be really good for the kids.

So, here I am. Thanks for having me. If someone could unlock my other topic, I'd appreciate it.

Finally, mad respect for you Rangers. Thanks for your service, and thanks for being an inspiration for me - I'm sorry I couldn't join your ranks.

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Re: Introduction - James

Post by ManchuV »

James welcome to the site. I too was on the 'Z' and loved it there. I am also looking to be a teacher working with Special Ed. What you do is respected. Most people do not home school, so without those teachers teaching a young person how to read, write and do mathematics, we would not have Rangers or anyone else. Also, it takes heart to teach kids that age you teach. MS is about the most important time for a kid at least it was for me. I hope you find what you are looking for here.

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Re: Introduction - James

Post by loctavius »

Thanks for the reply. I teach two periods a day of inclusion, which means I have special ed students mixed into my classes. I've been doing hat for many years now. It takes a lot more heart to teach nothing but special ed, so I wish you the best of luck. I don't know how people do that, it is rough.

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Re: Introduction - James

Post by Lunch »

Welcome to the site James. Your role teaching 8th Grade Science is critically important- I wish you great success. Thank you much for your service and for joining us here.
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Re: Introduction - James

Post by CharlieRanger1FFV »

Welcome, James.

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Re: Introduction - James

Post by rangerjd »

Welcome James, thanks for your service and thanks for being willing to teach Middle School. It is a thankless job most of the time. My wife is also a Middle School teacher, she teaches, Special Ed English, 6th through 8th grade. She loves it, says that her ministry is working with these special kids. She just started her master's degree in the ELL program. Once again, welcome. RLTW
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Re: Introduction - James

Post by Sleepy Doc »

Welcome, brother! Not only did I go to Basic at Bliss (2nd Plt, C Co 1/56 ADA. Hooah!..), but hopefully this year I can get there for a weekend. I've been wanting to go back and have dinner at the steakhouse that was just outside the fence on Alabama street. (yes, it is still there after 25 years..) The delectable odors wafting from that place tormented my soul for 9 weeks of my life. It is time for retribution.
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Re: Introduction - James

Post by FOGofWar »

Welcome James.
Spent the worst 8 months of my brief military career at Bliss- XO AND Training Officer for a basic company- inductees, not ADA. Went directly there from Ranger School. After wrapping up all the daily paperwork around 8 PM would drive to the local Kentucky Fried for the 8 PC takeout. It was gone before I reached the BOQ. Was still starved after RS. Nam was a blessing after that S--- job.
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Re: Introduction - James

Post by Jim »

Any new developments? We are reviewing your request for assistance behind the curtain.
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