Gear and Kit Improvements

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Gear and Kit Improvements

Post by Sully2490 »

I would like to get some insight on improving kit and other gear from past and present Rangers. What worked for you, what didn't, etc. What things have you picked up over the years that helped you be more effective or little modifications that you made to kit that helped you out?

I understand as a private my options are minimal but I would like to get some insight from other Rangers with more experience other than those in my platoon!
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Re: Gear and Kit Improvements

Post by Disinfertention »

I always tried to keep my kit as simple as possible. Sub-belts can be useful but not everyone likes them. If it's important don't put it on your back unless you have a way to get to it eg a radio - lots of dudes like to put radios on their back and then need someone to help them troubleshoot.

It's highly situational and depends on what you are being asked to do. When you move anything on it you need to go out and try it out to make sure it makes sense. Unless you have a specific piece of kit you are trying to manage it's tough to give advice outside of what they should already be showing you - like where/how to place your mags or what type of sling to use.
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Re: Gear and Kit Improvements

Post by fatboy »

From a recon/ scout type unit perspective, the following applies.

My thoughts are streamlined equals better. If you have a need to be prone, then you need to be as low as possible, to the point of wanting to cut buttons off of clothing get every possible advantage.

Along with that, keep your gear in layers. Immediate survival stuff on your person - blood chit, map, money, some type of water or filter, etc.

Next is your fighting gear, usually stashed on a plate carrier or harness. If it goes bang, boom, or calls other people to go bang or boom, this is the Layer for it. Same for team gear, breaching tools etc.

Last layer should be the sustainment stuff. Snivel gear, extra food, etc. All the nice to have stuff but not necessarily needed to survive.

If you are ever in the position you are running for your life, drop gear in reverse order. Sustainment, fighting, then survival. Ideally, the fighting load gets lighter as you are using it, especially if you are running for your life.
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