Intro Afghan PL

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Intro Afghan PL

Post by mstapay »

I think I slipped up and posted first in the "PT" forum first instead of here. Anyways, I'm currently serving in Afghanistan in Kandahar Province as an Infantry Platoon Leader for 3-71 CAV, 3 BCT, 10th MTN. I commissioned back in 2009 through ROTC from Southern Illinois with a history degree. While at ROTC I was able to complete Airborne school and "CTLT" shadowing an infantry PL at Fort Bragg. After IBOLC I went through Ranger School in class 6-10, then reported to 3 BCT, 10th MTN up at Fort Drum. There I trained my platoon in garrison for our upcoming deployment with two JRTC rotations (one as ANA, and one for our actual rotation). While at Drum I was also able to earn my EIB. Currently in Afghanistan we continue to find weapon and IED caches, and detain bad guys. As far as the future I'm trying to get a few of the guys in my Platoon to attend Ranger school upon redeployment, and as far as myself I'm trying to complete my Ranger Regiment application packet in order to get a date for RASP II when we get back. I look forward to future posts and the support from the Ranger community.
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Re: Intro Afghan PL

Post by PocketKings »


My wife is a Saluki (or however you spell it). Best of luck with the packet. Hope no one higher up gets in the way.
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Re: Intro Afghan PL

Post by CharlieRanger1FFV »

Welcome to the site.

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Re: Intro Afghan PL

Post by Ranger Ron »

Welcome to, Sir. Thanks for your service to our great country!
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Re: Intro Afghan PL

Post by K.Ingraham »

Good intro Lieutenant. I'm sure you already know what you need to know & do to enter our regiment. Excelling in PT will make it easier and you know how that will help you earn credibility in an organization where extreme conditioning is the norm - where else does the army pay for battalion level exercise specialists and dieticians?!

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Re: Intro Afghan PL

Post by Buzz »

Welcome Sir.
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Re: Intro Afghan PL

Post by colt1rgr »

Damn good to have you here Sir. For God's sake stay safe, and take care of the boys! :wink:
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Re: Intro Afghan PL

Post by harley123 »

Outstanding brother. I just went through the hiring process a few months back upon returning from OEF X, let me know if you need any help.
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Re: Intro Afghan PL

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Welcome, thank you for your continuing service.

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Re: Intro Afghan PL

Post by Mingo Kane »

Welcome and thank you for you service.
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Re: Intro Afghan PL

Post by Ndog275 »

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Re: Intro Afghan PL

Post by URRanger »

Welcome to the site sir, feel free to bring as many of your men with you as you can to the Regiment. We can get them to Ranger school and they won't owe a two year commitment (generally most commands want two years after sending enlisted personnel to school) to their current CoC if they come, pass either RASP program and start their Ranger endeavor.

Good luck on getting your packet together for RASP 2. Prior to the last Regimental CoC there was a discussion with outgoing RCO on whether the program would use Arabic or Roman numerals for identification of the program. The concensus was that Arabic would be used....symantics I know, but attention to detail and the story of how we came to be who we are today are extremely important in having and knowing on the journey you are about to partake.
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