My Intro...Glad to be here

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My Intro...Glad to be here

Post by Roster#253 »

Just happened to stumble across your site while net surfing on a slow day here at work, and am glad that someone has seen fit to let me in…I’ve got a little bit different background than the vast majority of you and hope that I still “fit in” here somewhere.
Anyway, I was a very young, fresh out of FAOBC, Artillery Officer when I got my chance to attend RGR School in 2000. I was one of 13 Arty O’s that were offered the opportunity to attend the Infantry Officer’s pre-Ranger course before class 8-00 opened up. I needn’t tell any one of you about the next two + months, but when it as all said and done I was one of two Arty guys leaving with a tab. I was assigned to the 82nd and was an Rifle Company FSO (C/2-325th AIR) for the next 18 months. I stayed with the 82nd thru 2003 and deployed with the 2nd BCT for the initial invasion of Iraq.
I’m currently a Readjustment Counselor at a Vet Center in NJ. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and thanks to all of you for your service…it’s a real privilege to be part of such a fraternity. RLTW.
RGR Class 8-00
82nd ABN (2nd BCT) 2000-2003 / OIF I
-CO FSO (C/2-325th AIR)
-PL/XO (B/2-319th AFAR)
-RSO (HSB/2-319th AFAR)
-BN FDO (2-319th AFAR)
Vet Center Readjustment Counselor (NJ)

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Re: My Intro...Glad to be here

Post by K.Ingraham »

Welcome Gunner." onclick=";return false;
2d Bn U.D. for 75th Ranger Regt Assn

2d Bn(Ranger)75 Inf 1975-'77
RS 9-76
Former mentor to RANGER XCrunner.

"I am well aware that by no means equal repute attends the narrator and the doer of deedsSallust ‘The Catiline Conspiracy’

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Re: My Intro...Glad to be here

Post by mortar_guy78 »

Glad to have you here, string puller, cannon cocker, etc. 8)
HHC 4/64 AR '97-'99
HHC 1/75 RGR '99-'01
HHC 1/508 ABCT '01-'04
C co, HHC 2/1 IN '04-'07
C co, B co 1/24 IN '07-'11
D co 308th MI '12-'15
7th SFG(A) MICO '15-'18
C co 308th MI '18-Present

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Re: My Intro...Glad to be here

Post by Rangerguru »

Welcome to the site, thanks for your continued service and since you haven't heard this from me in about 10 years, DO PUSHUPS!!!
Ranger Class 3/96
25th ID 93-96
10th Motown 96-99
C Co. 4th RTB 99-04
Gubment Contractor OCONUS 07-present

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Re: My Intro...Glad to be here

Post by panthersix »

Welcome! I've thought about going back for my MSW too. Where'd you go for it?

Rangers Lead the Way Back Too :wink:
Doc Mac
Ranger Class 11-80
C.Co. WPNS 1/75 79-81
3rd Plt/498th Medevac 81-82
104th LRSD 92-93
422d CA BN (A) 94-97
118th ASOS 02-08

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Re: Roster#253

Post by Steadfast »

Welcome Ranger.

PM inbound.

4/325 82d DIV 68-69
2nd Bde HHC (LRRP), 4 ID
K Co (Rgr), 75th Inf (Abn), 4 ID
I cooked with C- 4

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Re: My Intro...Glad to be here

Post by CharlieRanger1FFV »

Welcome to the site.

Silencium Mortium

B /1/504 82nd Abn 69 - 70
C co (Ranger) 75th (Abn) Inf, II Corps Rangers, 70 - 71 Viet Nam
12th SFG (A) 76 - 78
75th Ranger Regiment Association, Lifetime Member # 2776

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Re: My Intro...Glad to be here

Post by Ndog275 »

Welcome Ranger
A 1/75 93-97
B&HHC 2/75 97-99
RS 3,4&5-95

This mighty soldier on the eve of the war he waged
Told his troops of lessons learned from battles fought.
"May your heart grow bolder like an iron-clad brigade"
Said this leader to his outnumbered lot.

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Re: My Intro...Glad to be here

Post by PocketKings »

A little late but welcome. Looks like we were at a few of the same places at the same times.
RS 01-00
82d (1-325 AIR) 99-00
101st (2-502d IN) 00-03

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Re: My Intro...Glad to be here

Post by Jim »

Ranger Class 13-71
Advisor, VN 66-68 69-70
42d Vn Ranger Battalion 1969-1970
Trainer, El Salvador 86-87
Advisor, Saudi Arabian National Guard 91, 93-94
75th RRA Life Member #867

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Re: My Intro...Glad to be here

Post by colt1rgr »

As a former RFSNCO, BN COLT Ldr, BN Team Sergeant, arguably "the best FO" ever to wear a scroll and a very humble MF'er (umm, hmmm :roll: :lol: 8) ) welcome aboard Sir! :wink: :D
1st Ranger Bn 86-92, C Co, HHC, Bn COLT, RHQ 94-95 Ranger Class 14-87 MFF 05 May 88

"Life is like a drop zone, sometimes you just miss the whole damn thing!"

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Re: My Intro...Glad to be here

Post by Bravo57 »

Welcome here Gun Bunny!
B Co. FIST 3/75 Rgr Rgt.
RS 9-92
Task Force Ranger 1993

For those who fight for it, freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.

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Re: My Intro...Glad to be here

Post by Buzz »

Welcome Sir.
2nd squad-1st plt-C 2/75 77-78
RS 4-78

The way I became a Ranger and have earned the small amount of success I have had in life has been mostly due to one quality - determination. Lefty.

Zonk 1/75
Ranger/Agitator, Hijacker
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Re: My Intro...Glad to be here

Post by Zonk 1/75 »

welcome here.............
Mentor to Spawn Of Zonk, Abell9, Matador, Tenn Rgr, ScubaWino and T0000000000000000000000009

1/75th 1984 - 1986
RS Class 11-12/85
(Undistinguished Grad, Routine Honor)
I do not pretend to know, where many ignorant men are sure..... Image

RIP RJ 1/75


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