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To all Rangers and Site Members,

My name is Andrew, I am 31 years old active Navy. I am currently an E-5 currently serving in one of the Navy Riverine Squadrons. I am looking to go blue to green within the next 8 months. I am possiblity looking at enlisting in the Army as a 35L. I have talked to a recruiter and I am pushing for an option 40 but from my understanding its not usually offered to prior service. I have been active duty in the Navy for 14 years and the future direction of the Navy is going in a direction that I do not wish to go in. I feel that the Army is where I need to be. (I love my job but do to the needs of the Navy I am unable to continue fulfilling my job as a riverine.)
My PFT scores are
Push Ups:82
Sit Ups: 75
Mile in a half: 10 min 50 secs
Three Mile: 21mins 45secs
And I am able to do 21 pull ups and can swim 500 meters in 12mins 56secs

Reason for the 3 mile run is beacause we did the USMC pft. I still have room to improve and I am working on that now. I know I need to time myself in the 2 mile run and start running 5 miles to see what my time would be. I believe I have a good work out plan trick is just staying motivated and pushing to my end goal which is to become a RANGER! Now heres my question, with me being in the Navy for 14 years would it be a good for me to strive for me to be in a ranger batt.? I love the brotherhood that is created in small combat units because the Navy doesn' t really have that. And from everythng that I have read in this forum and other sources I feel that becoming a Ranger is one of the best choices I can make.

In closing Thank You all for your service and sacrifices you and your families have made to me and my familiy. Thank You.

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Re: Introduction

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Good luck on your journey! Drive on dude...
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Re: Introduction

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Welcome to the site.
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Re: Introduction

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Re: Introduction

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Welcome and best of luck in reaching your goals.
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Re: Introduction

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Welcome to the site and good luck with becoming a Ranger.
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Re: Introduction

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Welcome here RAT and thanks for your service. 8)

Should your path lead you towards being a Ranger consider knocking a minute or two off of that run time in advance so when you get there you can focus more on the tasks at hand. Not like I (or many others here) run 6 minute miles anymore.... :oops:
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Re: Introduction

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Welcome to the site.
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Re: Introduction

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Thank you Rangers, for your welcome to the site and the wealth of knowledge. Also the no B.S. straight talk that gets right to the point thanks it is very helpfull.
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Re: Introduction

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Welcome here. You have to take the nametape off your ass...
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Re: Introduction

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Brotherhood..something you will certainly find in the Regiment. From what I have heard it is tough as hell to get that contract as prior service, but that doesnt make it impossible to attend RIP, just not a guarantee. Good luck and thanks to you for your continued service. Stay safe.
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