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PK intro

Post by PocketKings »


I'm jumping over from the 'other' site given the recent inactivity. Service stuff:

O-type, Infantry, ROTC from Penn State, YG99 (Battleboar was my IOBC instructor)
RS 01-00
99-00: 82d ABN (1-325 AIR) - Rifle PL and AT PL
Broke my L-1 vert on a jump, no more jumping for me after that.

00-03: 101st ABN (2-502 IN) - AT PL, AT XO, S-3Air
Didn't do anything special. One K-FOR rotation and that's it. The broken back finally did me in.

Pretty much the GI Joe starter kit but not much more. I'm currently an MBA candidate in Nashville, TN. Married, 9 month old daughter. I keep myself from getting fat by doing triathlons. I did Ironman Wisconsin last year. Oh, I married a chiropractor so I get my jacked-up back fixed AND get a suger momma to boot.

Like I said, I've been on the other site for a while, mostly to get info on buds and receive my news and opinions filtered through proper sources. Plus, I miss NCOs telling me to fuck off. Thanks for the great site.
RS 01-00
82d (1-325 AIR) 99-00
101st (2-502d IN) 00-03

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Post by RTO »

There's another site ?!?!?!? :shock: :shock: :shock:

Welcome, and thanks for your service to our great country as a Ranger, Sir!
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Post by LRP1 »

Welcome Ranger..Sir..We won't hold the other site sgsinst you...Now fuck off please..
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Re: PK intro

Post by RRDTm3 »

PocketKings wrote:I miss NCOs telling me to fuck off.
You'll find none of that here!
We are all good Christian men with a deep repsect for young O's that can't do a PLF..............................................
A co 3/75
Ranger Instructor 4th RTB
H co LRS
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Post by Chiron »

Welcome and fuck off. 8)
RS Class 5-82
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U.S. Army 1980-1984 and 1987-1990
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Post by Rico »

Welcome Sir, now go fuck yourself!! :D
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Re: PK intro

Post by Rangerguru »

PocketKings wrote: Plus, I miss NCOs telling me to fuck off.
Fuck Off, Sir :twisted:
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Post by PocketKings »

*Sniff*...thanks fellas. You know how to make a guy feel special.
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Post by Yana »

Welcome to the site.
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Post by Charlie 51 »

Since I know that officers are generally a little slow I will make sure that this message is clear


and now, as I am sensitive to adult learning methods and understand that we are all unique and may learn in different ways...

oh yeah, welcome
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Post by Twillie »

Welcome to the one and only 8) site.

Aco. 1ST BAT 79 to 82
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Post by BS502 »

Welcome to the site.
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Post by Jim »

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Post by Scoty »

j.rico wrote:Welcome Sir, now go fuck yourself!! :D

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Post by Ranger Bill »

Welocme, PocketKing.
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