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Welcome Fucker!!!!!!!!
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PM inbound.

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Welcome Ranger.
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Welcome Sir!
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Welcome, Ranger.

Now - go fuck off!!!
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Thankyou for you service

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What year did you graduate from Penn State ? I graduated from there in 1993.

Now fuck off !

(And fuck Pitt too !) :D
S-2, HQ 75th, 1985-1987

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Salute and a fuck off, sir.
C Co 2/75 99-01

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Welcome across the street PK.

Now in a traditional manner, fuck off.
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Post by PocketKings »

IntelToad wrote:Welcome.

What year did you graduate from Penn State ? I graduated from there in 1993.

Now fuck off !

(And fuck Pitt too !) :D
I graduated in 1999, back when it was hard (wait a minute...). I was a transfer from the Ogontz (now Abington) campus. Haven't been back since I graduated.
RS 01-00
82d (1-325 AIR) 99-00
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Yadda yadda yadda..... Welcome to the site

Words words words.....

Go fuck yourself Sir
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and get yourself an avatar.
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Welcome Sir, you must've heard me calling. 8)

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Welcome Sir.
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Post by JGavin »

I had a PL (very briefly) in 2/C 1-325 around 2000 who broke his back and was sent to 101. Penn State guy.

Small world. Good to hear you're doing well.
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325 AIR 98-01
ITB 01-04
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