Introduction-Prior 1st Batt Ranger

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Introduction-Prior 1st Batt Ranger

Post by ranger1_75 »

I was in 1/75 Bco from 1996-1999. I graduated Ranger school class 1-98. I now live in Columbus, Ohio and am in search of old RGR buddies in and around the area. Give me a commo check... always willing to talk with old friends.
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Post by IDon'tCare »

Welcome to the site.
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Post by cams »

Welcome Ranger. Glad to have you.
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Post by Rangerguru »

welcome to the site
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Post by Steadfast »


Private Message (PM) inbound.

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Welcome youngster.
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Post by LRP1 »

Welcome Young Ranger..
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Post by Ranger Ron »

Welcome Ranger!
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Post by AbnRgr289 »

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Post by cpaulsen20 »

Welcome to the site.
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Post by Sapper Mike »

Welcome, Ranger
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Post by Hawkeye1Alpha »

Welcome Ranger to
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Post by Ranger Bill »

Welcome to the site, Ranger. A Ranger here by the name of Nugget is in your AO, and I believe he served in 1st Bat around your time frame.
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Post by Gordo173 »

Welcome Ranger
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Oopps almost forgot Class 4-84

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Post by 289sotherhalf »

Welcome to the site.
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