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x2..Congrats Dad...
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Post by Paladin »

Outstanding accomplishment, Sir!

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Post by Oto-Man »

That is fantastic news, Sir! Don't let the boy relax too much, he ain't on the home stretch yet... :lol: Just tell him to keep his focus and never QUIT, and he'll be joining his brother soon.....
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What a great story!!! I am proud of your young men!
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Way to go Dan! You must be the proudest Dad on the block!

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Post by wazzle »

It is official, there are now two 3/75 Rangers in the house. RIP class 09-07 is final.
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Post by fatart »

Out-flippin'-standing, way to go Dad. I've got a 7 yr old Ranger in training, he just finished his firt wrestling tournament of the season and got his first medal of the new year...with many more to come. I'll be even more happy when I finally get to pin a Ranger Tab on him. I must be difficult for you to wear shirts now with your chest all bowed like that. As my old 1SG, 1SG D, used to say " You done good, Ranger."
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Post by bmf175 »

Congrats, job well done 8)
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