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Post by AntiTerrorist »

Been in almost a year, 2nd Bat AT, Broke dick - get my shit when Im fixed
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Post by Nomad »

Fix your intro meathead.

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Post by LRP1 »

NO - GO Intro!!!!
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Post by centermass »

Well, that was vague.

Anti-intro is more like it :D
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Post by Earthpig »

Let's try that again, Ranger. That was definately not to standard. Welcome.
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Post by The Holmchicken »

Allow me to be the third former 2/75 guy to tell you that your intro fucking sucked.
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Post by rgrpuck »

Da fuck was dat ?????

What are you worried about OPSEC?? :roll:
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Post by RGR Pete »

rgrpuck wrote:Da fuck was dat ?????

What are you worried about OPSEC?? :roll:

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Post by AbnRgr289 »

AntiTerrorist wrote:Been in almost a year, 2nd Bat AT, Broke dick - get my shit when Im fixed
AAAAAHHHHHH!!!! <---------------- What the fuck is that? Did you walk in here and Fart or something?

That was probably the weakest Intro I have ever heard from a Ranger!

You are definatly a NO-GO at this station.
"It's not for us to reason why, it's just for us to Do or Die!"


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Post by Steadfast »


No excitement here only dullsville...

Come one young man, we all know ya can do it!

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Post by msg_dman »

Great intro, we know so much about you now!
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Post by Rock Island Ranger »

msg_dman wrote:Great intro, we know so much about you now!
:lol: :lol: :lol:
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Post by Everett Ruess »

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Sua Sponte!

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Post by chkray »

He's in 2nd BN. - what do you expect. I'm impressed that he can read or write AT ALL.
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Post by Black 6 »

damn that sucked, you might as well elevate. if i still had my no-go stick id give you a bash.

get it right.

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