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Another Cherry Tab

Post by mekanica25 »

Hey whats up....My name is Josh...I ve been in B Co 2 75 for a little over two years now. I wish I could make up my mind to stay here but I have an overwhelming urge to go back to school, so when my time is up...Im goin home. Home......btw is in South Mississippi. Its all good though...only a few downed trees in the yard. I went to Ranger School last June and liked it so much that I did Darby and Mountains twice.
Since coming back to battalion....Ive got one deployment as a team leader. Struggling to get to the line but I dont think its gonna happen anytime soon. Although its not the most coveted job in battalion, Im actually happy being an AT gunner. I live in a relaxed atmosphere where nobody messes with me...and I feel like I get along good with my leadership. I started class 09-04 and I finished class 11-04 in november. RLTW
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Please get an Avatar.
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Post by Maggot275 »

Ahhhh.... Booger Company. Stay safe Bro!
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Welcome to the site Ranger.


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Welcome Ranger.
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Post by Yana »

Welcome to the site Ranger mekanica25
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Post by Spartan »

Welcome aboard Bro. Some pretty good years of my life spent in that company.

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Post by LRP1 »

Welcome Ranger!!~
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Post by RTO »

Welcome to the site, Ranger! :D

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Post by Nomad »

Welcome to the Site Bro!

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Welcome to the site.
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Post by 289sotherhalf »

Welcome to the site and Thank you for your service.
~Ranger Wife~

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Welcome youngster.
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Post by Chiron »

Welcome to the site.
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Post by IDon'tCare »

Welcome if you ETS and go home....
you will be leaving the best
home you ever have had.
Good luck on what ever you choose.
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