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Introduction - Kris

Post by gooseman »

Hello Rangers,

First of all, I would like to thank the creators and supporters of this website for all their hard work. Furthermore, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to all those who serve in our great nation's armed forces or otherwise support them. I am very proud to call myself an American and want more than anything to give back to this country that has done so much for my family and me. That brings me to why I am on this website, introducing myself.

My name is Kris and I am 20 years old. I am currently a Junior in college at the University of Illinois. I have long felt patriotism stirring inside me, but not until I began to really mature mentally - probably starting at around 15-16 - did the notion of serving in the military occur to me. I admit, at first it seemed a bit outlandish, as the military was not a commonly traveled path for people in my community, but as I grew older and started college, the idea really took hold. In addition, I learned that my grandfather served in the Army during WWII and in other ways that are apparently still classified for many years after that. Unfortunately, he died many years before I was born.

My freshman year in college, I really turned my life around; in more ways than one. This precipitated massive amounts of research on my part into what I could do with my life that would be personally meaningful as well as serve the greater good. I read countless books on the Navy SEALs and Army Special Forces, as well as the Marines and the Air Force. Somehow, the Rangers slipped through the cracks. Of course, I had heard of them, and through my readings on other Special Operations Forces, I even learned a thing or two about them, but the seed just never took hold. Until now. Well, a little less recently that.

The prospect of being apart of one of the most elite military units in the world is only a small part of what appeals to me about the Rangers. Being familiar with the sense of brotherhood that arises on sport teams, I can only imagine the incredible bonds that develop between men who trust each other with their lives, fighting side by side for a common cause. I want that. No, I need that. Thinking about sharing those kinds of relationships with others combined with the larger meaning of being on the front lines, vanquishing America's foes is enough to send chills down my spine.

I know this site sees a lot of Ranger hopefuls come through here, but I will be one of the proud few that makes it.

Well, enough rambling about motivation. I'll move on to more practical considerations.

I am 5'11" and currently weight 200 lbs - although my weight is something that changes on a regular basis. Six months ago I weighed around 170. I am an avid weight lifter and I adjust my body weight to better reach my goals in that domain; I plan to weigh around 175 by January or February. I am a good student - all A's and a handful of B's - and always have been. I am an Eagle Scout and have had the opportunity to experience incredible leadership and service opportunities through the Scouts. I ran Varsity Track and Cross Country in high school. I'm not on any sports teams anymore, but I exercise - or rather, train - with vigor and consistency.

I have spoken with a recruiter. I am considering seeking an OCS contract, although I am substantially less certain that I still want that after the recruiter told me I cannot guarantee immediate transition from Basic to OCS to Airborne to RASP. An 11x option 40 sounds like it might be the better route for me, but it's still a while before I could enlist, so I have time to weigh my options.

A few more random facts about me:
-I speak English, German, and Norwegian fluently. I speak French very well. I am currently studying Chinese and will be studying in China for a semester next fall.
-I was born in Tennessee, but grew up largely in Germany

Well, I apologize if my introduction was a bit long-winded, but I wanted to convey as much enthusiasm and information as possible. I very much look forward to interacting with all of you.

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Re: Introduction - Kris

Post by RangerJurena »

Here is hoping that you've gotten it all out of your system.

Do you drink beer, dip copenhagen and favor women of ill repute?

If you want to go the road you say you do, stay away from the OCS route, you can always become an officer later. The road will be much longer to get there if you do not. I'm not saying that if your heart tells you to become an officer you should not do it, its just a longer route. This of course is my opinion, your mileage may vary.

"chills down my spine".. I feel nauseous.

Since you have not enlisted as either yet, I would recommend you look ( read), listen and learn. And please, no more blovation like that intro.
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Re: Introduction - Kris

Post by gooseman »

Roger that, Ranger RangerJurena.

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Re: Introduction - Kris

Post by Ranger Bill »

Welcome. Your interest in Army Rangers is appreciated. I agree with Ranger Jurena: Enlist 11X Option 40. You can always get a shot at OCS. Be sure to read and heed the ROE PM I have sent you.
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Re: Introduction - Kris

Post by al_2ndWolfhounds »

Welcome, thank you for your desire to serve.

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