Introduction & Question?

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Introduction & Question?

Post by Clemens1989 »

Hello RANGERS, my name is Clemens and I am 21 years old. I have the desire to be apart of the Elite 75th RANGER Regiment one day, and hopefully I will have that chance with an 11x option 40 contract when my time comes to enlist. Here is some quick backround information on me. I am currently attending a local community college, and should have my associates degree completed by the middle of Decemeber 2011 (next year). I do not have a criminal history, or any type of issue with drugs or alchohol, and physically I have been involved with weight training, and cardio consistantly since I was about 17. However, I understand this is not a sport, and that the 75th RANGER Regiment is tasked with some of the most dangerous missions; thus, it will take a lot more than just doing push ups, and pull-ups for me to be capable of what these elite soldiers do.

Before I ask my question I would just like to say how fortunate I am for finding this site because it has answered many of the questions I have had about becoming an Army RANGER. Especially the posts made by RANGER Earthpig, and RANGER cdwdirect.

Now my here is my question. Like I stated earlier I am currently attending community college, and I will graduate with an associates degree, and some extra credits around the middle of Decemeber 2011 (Next year). Basically what I would like to know is when would be the best time to speak with a recruiter about acquiring an 11x option 40 contract? First, I was thinking about going to my local recruiting station around July 2011, and seeing if there are any slots available, but since I cannot leave until the semester ends (mid Dec 2011) I am guessing the recruiter will try to put me in a DEP, and will tell me to try and get an 11x option 40 contract once I go to MEPS? Please correct me if I am wrong. I was thinking I could also just wait until my final semester ends, and than go and speak with a recruiter about getting the contract, but from what I have read on this site he will most likely tell me there are none available, and that is fine since I am in no rush to enlist even after I graduate, and have no intentions of signing any other contract they will try and offer me; thus, I have no problem with waiting until a slot becomes available. However, now I am asking you guys what do you think would be the best way of handling this, and would give me the best chance of getting that 11x opt 40 contract? Also should I ask to take the ASVAB there at the recruiting station or wait until MEPS?

Thank you in advance

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Re: Introduction & Question?

Post by RangerJurena »

I would recommend you start as soon as possible. History has shown this can, at times, be a lenghty process. If the Option 40 is what you want, you don't sign anything until thats what the contract says. Fall not for the chicanery that can at times be recruiters.

If you sign up for anything but that, the odds are you will be headed somewhere besides the road to RASP. They have a job to do and its to enlist soldiers, so know that.

They may say since your a year out come back in 6 months, or they may say, I can get you 11x Option 40 with a ship date of Dec 15, 2011. If that's what you want to do and thats what the contract says, "giddy-up".
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Re: Introduction & Question?

Post by Clemens1989 »

Thank you for the response RANGER Jurena. I will probley than go, and speak with a recruiter sometime around june or july of 2011 about getting an 11x option 40 contract, and yes thanks to this site I fully understand that if it does not have option 40 on the contract there are no guarantees of Airbourne, and RASP.

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Re: Introduction & Question?

Post by Ranger Bill »

Welcome. Ranger Jurena did not suggest that you wait until June or July to start the recruitment process. Rather, he said start as soon as possible. Be sure to read and heed the ROE PM I have sent you.
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Re: Introduction & Question?

Post by mortar_guy78 »


Try capitalizing proper nouns and using a spell check. "Airbourne"? Pretty sure even the freakin' Brits don't spell it that way.
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Re: Introduction & Question?

Post by al_2ndWolfhounds »

Welcome, thank you for your desire to serve.

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