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Post by amishlightening »

My name is Zach. I'm an 18 year old high school graduate and I signed an 11x option 40 contract earlier today. I leave for OSUT on the 29th of this month.
Ship date:20090129

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Re: Introduction

Post by Silverback »

That has to be the best screen name yet!
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Re: Introduction

Post by Earthpig »

Congrats on getting that Ranger contract! Welcome, and good luck to you. I'll be sending you a ROE shortly.
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Re: Introduction

Post by Ranger Andy »

Take two grains of salt and drive on to your Ranger objective...
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Re: Introduction

Post by Jim »

Well, Zach, a man has only one opportunity to make a favorable initial impression. Your screen name piques my curious mind. Please tell us more about yourself, and why you want to become a Ranger. If you truly want to earn a place in the 75th Ranger Regiment, you came to the right site..
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Re: Introduction

Post by Ranger Bill »

Welcome and congratulations for enlisting to become an Army Ranger. Best of luck to you, with luck meaning preparedness meeting opportunity. You have the opportunity, spend a good portion of the time you have before you ship getting prepared.
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Re: Introduction

Post by Maggot275 »

Your intro is weak, you are a No-Go. Tighten up your shot group and drive on.
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Re: Introduction

Post by Ranger Ron »

Welcome to, young man. I certainly appreciate your desire to serve our great country! If you will look, listen and pay attention to details, you can learn a great deal here that will help you on your journey.
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Re: Introduction

Post by McD »

Congrat's on your contract.... Only 20 days till you ship so get in as much PT as you can.
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