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Novagal62 wrote:Yes Ranger Cams,
I do believe that BS502 is a woman and did pm me to join the ladies forum, but I feel I would find what I'm looking for here since I don't believe there were woman Rangers during WWII and Korea. But, I could be wrong!

I hope that I have not disrespected anyone here as I have nothing but respect for every soldier (past, present and future) as I am the sister of a Kiowa pilotand war vet. So I apologize now if I have and will try my best not to do it again.

God Bless,

No ma'am, you haven't disrespected anyone, just telling you the way it is.

I asked about the girls because they may help you out in regards to getting a feel for this place and how it's run. They've survived here long enough and are respected members.

You are correct, there were/are no female Rangers.

These are all things you can learn by searching and reading here, as well some of our 'Historians' are already helping you, due to your uncle's service and Ranger status.

My thanks as well to your brother for his service. May he live a peaceful life when all is said and done.

Good luck to you ma'am. Merry Christmas.
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Post by Bravo57 »

Welcome to the site Ma'am!

Wow, Great pictures.
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Post by reaper96 »

welcome to the site Ma'aM.. PM in bound....
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Post by Jim »

Jim wrote:OK, a little more perspective for you:
In the colored photo dated 1951, he is a Sergeant First Class, wearing an early version of the Ranger Tab, so he likely attended Ranger school in one of the first classes. The Ranger Department began training in late 1950. He is wearing the patch of the 40th Infantry Division, a California Army National Guard unit that was called on active duty for the Korean War. During the Korean War, each infantry division had a numbered Airborne Ranger Company. He is wearing the Asia Pacific campaign ribbon and the Occupation ribbon that signify service in WWII. Interestingly, the 503d Infantry Regiment was in the 11th Airborne Division and conducted a combat jump in the Phillipines, at the end of the war, they served as occupation troops in Japan. In the later photos, he is wearing Master Sergeant chevrons, but I am not able to make out what unit insignia he is wearing except the photo where he is wearing the

Airborne Ranger Infantry Company patch.

Please tell us what you know about him. While the photos are interesting, we know nothing except his name.
Novagal62 sent me a copy of his DD-214. Interesting, but let this be a lesson to you Personnel Pukes on telling the whole story. I'll try to fill in some historical perspective.

The 40th Infantry Division was federalized (called to active duty) in Sepetmber 1950, and was released back to California in June 1954. Many of the soldiers of the division were transferred to other units. As examples, many of the guardsmen went to the 5th Regimental Combat Team and the 187 Airborne Regimental Combat Team (RCT).

Your Uncle's 214 states that he was discharged as Master Sergeant in the 187th RCT. He was awarded Jump wings and the occupation of Japan ribbon. He attended the Basic Airborne Course at Fort Benning Jan - Feb 1951. He seems to have entered active duty in September 1950 (same time as the 40th ID) and was discharged in June 1952 having served 1year, 9 months, 20 days. However, his DD214 mentions that he had 5years, 5 months, and 23 days prior service. Again, nothing out of the ordinary, but nothing to indicate he was actually in Korea. Good, honorable service as a senior non-commissioned officer for which he should be proud.
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Post by Novagal62 »

Ranger Jim,

Thank you for your help in deciphering his DD214. I do have a few other pics of him were he wrote on the back "sapporo, Japan" and one seems to have been taken in a studio, there is stamping on the bottom that says:

S. Kimura.



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