Non-Rangers: Username and Avatar Selection

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Non-Rangers: Username and Avatar Selection

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If you are not yet a Ranger, but are a young man who aspires to be or anyone else who has no current connection to being a Ranger - DO NOT include [RGR] or [Ranger] in your username.
You also will not include any other name that would indicate to others that you are a Ranger, or one that would indicate you have earned a Rank in the military or completed a service school, such as HALO, Sniper, SCUBA, etc...

This is reserved for those who have earned the title through hard work, sweat and perseverance.

If you are visiting or using this board because you desire to become a Ranger at some future time in your life - the first lesson you need to learn is to respect those who have EARNED the title already. Those found in violation will find their username deleted in short order.

If you are a Ranger's parent, feel free to use 1/75 Parent, or Ranger Dad, Ranger Mom, etc... as you wish. We thank you for your sacrifices while your son is in the service of our nation. Likewise if you are the spouse of a Ranger.

Outside of this guidance you can select most any name you want.

Avatar guidance:

Everyone on the site will have an avatar. This is to keep the site entertaining, from a visual perspective and make things interesting. If you are interested in becoming a Ranger or are a young person seeking Ranger advice on a matter of subjects relative to the Ranger experience, we welcome you to our world where Rangers create the rules and you follow them. Or, you can always go find another world to play in.

A. If you are:

1. A Ranger: current or former, subject to authentication.
2. Prior-Service: includes all services - active, guard and reserves.
3. Current Active Duty: requires completion of all initial training cycles - OSUT, ABN, RIP - and assignment to a permanent party unit.
4. Ranger parent or spouse (note - we did not say 'a Ranger's child')

Please select any avatar you wish. When military insignia or rank is used, use only what is appropriate for yourself.

B. If you are:

Anyone else
, you will select an avatar from an Avatar Gallery Category which matches the rank that appears directly under your username.

- Future Soldiers (includes @ OSUT, @ ABN, @ RIP): select an avatar from the 'DEPs' Gallery of images.
- Newts and other system assigned rank - select an avatar from the 'Newts' Gallery of images.

Thank you

Username non-compliance adjustments, 2003: 8
Avatar non-compliance adjustments, 2003: 22
Total Banned, 2003: 11


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