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My name is Jeff and I am 38 years old with a BA. I am in the process of joining the ARNG. I decided it was time to serve our counrty this summer when the max age for nonprior enlistment in the ARNG was increased to 39. I am contracting next week upon recieveing a medical waiver for LASIK corrective eye surgury I underwent three years ago. I am requesting to be assigned to the local Long Range Surveillance Detachment. I interviewed with them last weekend and the CO gave me the OK to request assignment. My ultimate goal is to earn the Ranger tab while attached to this LRSD, but I will be at least 40 when the chance for RIP and Ranger School is a possibility.

In the last three years I have completed two Ironman triathlons, a marathon and two half marathons so I am in decent shape and I hope the training I've undergone in these events will help me during BCT, AIT and Airborne training.

Thanks in advance for your time and information,


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Welcome to the site and good luck with your endeavors.
It's all good.

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Welcome. And good luck.
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Welcome. You sound like yer in shape so the thing you have to do is get the mindset right. Never quit. Ever. You won't die, but you sure as hell think you will. Never ever ever quit.


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Better late than never. Welcome.
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Welcome and good luck to you.


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Welcome and good luck to you!

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Wow, you got a waiver for LASIK? So, there is life after LASIK.

Oh, welcome you old bastard. :D Good luck.
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Welcome to the site and Good Luck to you!
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Welcome to the Site Gramps..... :lol:

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Welcome and Good luck. The Honor Grad in my Ranger class was a 42 year old prior service Captain. I know that there were a number of older NCOs who made it -- think my old SGM was about 40 YO when he graduated. SillverBack may know who the oldest graduate is?
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Jim wrote:Welcome and Good luck. The Honor Grad in my Ranger class was a 42 year old prior service Captain. I know that there were a number of older NCOs who made it -- think my old SGM was about 40 YO when he graduated. SillverBack may know who the oldest graduate is?
IT was him...he was 52.
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welcome and like they said, better late then never. don't cop an attitude when some 22 year old is telling you what to do. remember your place in the big picture and try to deal with things as they come up. it'll probably happen at some point. you seem in good enough shape, but attitude is everything. You will need humilty. I had a 45 year old Major with me in school, so it can be done. it's all about attitude and some physical ability.
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Welcome to the site! :D


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