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I pickled "pickles" for the first time, they came out a little better than OK, used a store bought spice package then added dill, garlic, and jalapeno to the jar.

Does anyone have a recipe they are willing to share and some ideas on what to pickle as a beginner.

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Re: Pickles

Post by IntelToad »

I canned 12 quarts of pickled peppers over the weekend. We planted 30 + plants this spring and ended up with a bumper harvest. I have a bunch more to get at next weekend.


Simple recipe- just 5 % vinegar, canning salt, garlic, onions, dill and beer (for the cook.)

I used a shitload of vinegar- house smelled like a Massengill factory.

I'll post the recipe. You just need to be careful with ratios of vinegar and ingredient acidity when hot pack canning (avoiding botulism.)

I canned it in a water bath canner at 212 degrees. I think I'm going to get a pressure canner because the temp is too hard to regulate. Peppers should be ready for football season.
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Re: Pickles

Post by ranger2339 »

Kind of an older thread, so sorry for bumping it up with a first/err second post. I did a garden and some canning with my wife this year, turned out great, except for the pickles. What happened is they became soft in the can, have any of you guys had that issue, and how did you fix it?

I've heard it could be the water you use? We use well water as we live in the sticks.



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