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Remember OPSEC!

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The first and most important rule to follow on this forum is to not violate the operational security of those who are currently or may in the future be deployed for combat operations.

If you think something you are considering posting is questionable or inappropriate to post due to OPSEC considerations, the simple answer is to not post it. Our guidance is that information you SHOULD NOT be posting includes current deployments of units, operations information and techniques, tactics or procedures that have not been previously disclosed.

Posts soliciting information on or stating the whereabouts of units, or violating personnel security (PERSEC) of active duty Rangers that may or may not be deployed fighting the war on terrorism will be deleted or edited at the discretion of Accounts belonging to users posting such information are subject to review by admins and could very well be deleted with the offending authors banned from future participation on this forum.

If in reading the site, you identify content in violation of this OPSEC guidance, please send a PM to those who are designated moderators of the specific forum in which the suspected OPSEC violation occurs. After reviewing the information, we will determine if it is in violation of our policy. If appropriate, we will remove it asap.

Those who violate OPSEC will be permanently banned. Pretty simple.
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