Incoming Rangers

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Incoming Rangers

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My name is Corey and I recently signed my option 40 contract. I want nothing more than to be a ranger and I have found answers to all of my questions except one. I have been seeing a lot of stuff posted recently about how Rangers aren't happy with the amount of people making it through RASP based on 91 out of 114 graduating in the discovery channel special.

My questions is, can new incoming Rangers expect especially poor treatment from their platoon because of these feelings?

Thanks for your service and help.
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Re: Incoming Rangers

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Your first post should be an introduction in the appropriate forum.
Do push ups.

Read and heed the site rules and regs.
Do push ups.

Fix your sig line to the DEP standard.
Do push ups.
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Re: Incoming Rangers

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**Topic Locked**


Make your next post a proper introduction. Read the FAQ's and school yourself before you do and do it right the first time.

This will remain locked until you do.

Post anything else before an introduction and your stay here will be short lived.

Pay attention to detail and square yourself away.
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