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by Maggot275
May 16th, 2007, 4:41 pm
Forum: Introduction Archive
Topic: Intro
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Ranger Luna wrote:
Cliv03 wrote:Good evening.... it comes. :roll: :roll:
This is our resident 'I called Puck a poser' guy!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
WHAT!!!?? Puck is a POSER!!?? All this time...

Oh yeah, welcome cherry turd-batter.
by Maggot275
April 5th, 2007, 11:14 am
Forum: The Mosh Pit
Topic: guess what
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rgrjoe175 wrote:Congrats. Now lead by example.

Ranger that! You are to set the example for others to follow.
Congratulations graduating from the Big Suck.
by Maggot275
March 25th, 2007, 3:53 pm
Forum: The Mosh Pit
Topic: Are you a Ben-a-dick Arnold?
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Jackson and T.R.
by Maggot275
March 18th, 2007, 8:16 pm
Forum: Good Humor Popsicle Zone
Topic: Answering Machine Messages
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Hi, you've reached the HXXXXXXXX's in the United States of America.
If you speak English, press "1" and leave a message.
If you don't speak English, press "2" to disconnect until you can.
by Maggot275
March 18th, 2007, 4:48 pm
Forum: The Mosh Pit
Topic: Duck walk???
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Don't forget to sound off with...

"I'm Jo-Jo the duck and I'm all fucked up!" :lol:
by Maggot275
March 14th, 2007, 7:51 am
Forum: The Mosh Pit
Topic: Rabbit-ear TVs about to reach end of the road
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This whole thing just pisses me off to no end. The government forcing the American public to pay for TV is bullshit when it could still remain a free service just because of new technology. Isn't technology supposed to make life easier and improve our way of life, not to cost us additional monthly f...
by Maggot275
March 11th, 2007, 2:15 pm
Forum: The Mosh Pit
Topic: "A" for effort
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Waste of perfectly good dynamite. Should have used it fer... uhh... nevermind. I'm going into my American Earthpig Malitia TL mode again. :lol:
by Maggot275
March 11th, 2007, 5:39 am
Forum: The Mosh Pit
Topic: 300
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I saw it last night with 6. Absolutely fucking awesome!! Even the 6- who is a more of a 'soft fuzzy puppy movie' fan- said she loved it. I'm going to go see it again, maybe Thursday. It's just that unreal.
by Maggot275
March 8th, 2007, 1:18 pm
Forum: About Ranger School - In Honor of Ranger BattleBoar - RIP
Topic: SEALs in Ranger School
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most Seals usually don't make it past land nav, and when they do a lot of them quit especially in the winter, I had two in my class do so. Roger that. I started 7-95 and remember 1 SEAL in my platoon doing the ruck-sack flop just inside the woodline looking at his compass. The rest of us were busti...
by Maggot275
February 27th, 2007, 8:22 am
Forum: Introduction Archive
Topic: Introduction
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Is this Chuck Norris in disguise?
Hey, Lonewolf Mcquade, how are you a 'dedicated' member of the 75th? Have you served with us? I don't think so. Go unfuck yourself in a big hurry.
by Maggot275
February 18th, 2007, 1:30 pm
Forum: The Mosh Pit
Topic: Pro Football HOF Veterans Exhibit and Pat Tillman Display
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Thanks for bumping this. I missed it first time 'round. Outstanding job on display and video. I wish more of our "all knowing, all famous celeb" faggots would follow his standard, instead of protesting and running for office.
by Maggot275
February 11th, 2007, 9:16 am
Forum: Introduction Archive
Topic: Introduction
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Cliv03 wrote:If you end up making it to a Ranger Battalion, be sure that when your birthday comes you let your whole squad...or section know. You will be king for a day.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Hail the King of Smoke City! King of Puke Palace! King of the Monkey Fucker!
by Maggot275
January 28th, 2007, 8:33 pm
Forum: The Mosh Pit
Topic: Movie Quotes
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CatFish Driver wrote:"Nice accent...New Jersey?"

Dumb and Dumber
by Maggot275
January 19th, 2007, 10:02 am
Forum: Good Humor Popsicle Zone
Topic: Random thought of the moment.
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A thought on duty....

Nothing says "I love you, happy anniversary" like a 5th degree domestic. :D
by Maggot275
January 16th, 2007, 9:29 am
Forum: The Mosh Pit
Topic: The winners of last nights Golden Globes are............
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I thought it was a secret opening to possibly see Reese Witherspoon topless. :twisted:

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