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We have received approximately 50.00 USD in donations. Our goal is to raise a minimum 4000.00 USD.

Help Support Army Ranger Mojo Inc., 501(c)(3)

To insure the site has enough money to continue to operate, I implore each of you to make a donation of any amount that you can afford: and, additionally, permit our Not-For-Profit Corporation the opportunity to continue to conduct good services to the Ranger community as the intended purpose for which it was formed.

Please take time right now to make a deductible contribution. Much of ARMi, is supported in large by the educational information provided on armyranger.com. Please help us reach our minimum goal of $4000.00 to keep the server online and then beyond to enable our ability to help support our Ranger Community.

Or if you would like to make a tax deductible donation by check please make payable to Army Ranger Mojo or ARMi and send to:

Army Ranger Mojo, Inc.
1402 Lake Tapps PKY E.
Ste. 104-135
Auburn WA 98092

Army Ranger Mojo Inc., 501(c)(3) a non profit organization by making a tax-deductible donation.

Donate to Army Ranger Mojo Inc.

Rangers extending an ARM

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Army Ranger Mojo Inc. 501(c)3 a non-profit organization supporting Army Rangers past, present and future.