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Rangers, Veterans, Active-Duty Service members and Ranger Parents - Welcome to

Make an Introduction your first order of business.

Rangers - this site was created for you. We're honored to have many Ranger participants on the board already and hopefully you will participate also. Veterans from other services and other commands in the Army, we are also honored to have you here. You are welcome to participate, but please remember this site is owned by the Rangers here.

Rangers - YES, ACTUALLY READ this before proceeding (Other Veterans, Active-Duty and Ranger Parents see below):

IF YOU ARE A BRAND NEW RIP GRADUATE - Do NOT introduce yourself until after you check in and are assigned to a company at your Ranger Bn.

The consensus among the Ranger users of this site are that registered participants of the forum who select a username that includes "Ranger" or indicate to others they are a Ranger, our expectations of you are such:

1. NO Phonies: Here at we have a ZERO tolerance policy with respect to Bogus Rangers. You will be banned if you are one. And, being that our members HATE posers, a member will probably be contacting your employer to see if you have committed fraud to gain employment. You will suffer a painful existence and the consequences will be severe.

Individuals from this site have exposed the following individuals who have claimed to be, but have been proven to NOT be, Rangers:

Bravo22 - username of an individual on several internet forums.

Apollyon - we were faxed documents (DD214) supporting the claim by one Daniel Diaz to be a graduate of Ranger School. Further questioning and his own admittance revealed that he had never attended the US Army Ranger School.

S.Plavney - An active duty Staff Sergeant in the United States Army and a recruiter for the United States Army Recruiting Command. To our knowledge Scott Plavney has posed as a graduate of the US Army Ranger School for over one year and worn the Ranger Tab on his uniform without having earned it by attending or graduating the US Army Ranger Course. He apologized for doing so and his command is currently investigating the matter.

2. Credentials: We expect your dates of service, unit and Ranger Class date (if applicable) to be continously displayed in the signature space of your profile.

3. Authentication: We trust if you are a Ranger, you can prove your credentials to the satisfaction of those already on the board. The procedure we follow can be described as this:

-- A. Make an introduction on this section of the board. We don't expect you to post your real name to the publicly veiwable areas of the site - in fact - please do not, but we do expect the particulars of what Ranger unit you served in (Company and Bn for example) and the years you served. If you graduated Ranger School, include your class date in your introduction post, as well as in the signature space of your profile.

-- B. One of the board moderators will send you a greeting message using the Private Message service that also requests additional information.

-- C. The detailed information provided will be posted in the private Ranger Verification area for the eyes of Rangers only who have already been authenticated.

-- D. Once approved, your rank will be changed to 'Ranger'. Prior to this occuring, you will be upgraded to 'member' while waiting for this authenticatoin process to be completed. Also, while waiting, please help yourself to the avatar of your choice.

4. Private areas. There are other areas of the site that are open to Rangers only who participate on the site. These areas are opened to most of the Ranger who participate on the site, based on the input of the existing membership.

5. Disruption. Members of this board, be they Rangers or not, who are disruptive to the smooth operation of the board will be, by a vote of Rangers, Moderators, or Administrators of the board, banned from further participation in private areas of the board and possibly the site. Such behaviour includes continuing a pattern of abusive comments directed toward another individual or group of individuals; a purposeful and mean-spirited slandering of the service to our nation of another member; threatening another member with physical harm and other patterns of behaviour which are deemed unacceptable by the group body of Ranger members.

Welcome aboard. Enjoy.


Other Veterans, Active-duty and Ranger Parents:

If you are a Ranger's wife or non-Veteran parent you are expected to address all Rangers on this site in the form of 'Ranger Username'. If you don't like this requirement, seek company elsewhere.

Veterans of the Armed Forces, US and Foreign you have our respect and thanks for serving and are not required to do so.

Please make an introduction into this area of the site.

-- If you are a non-Ranger veteran, active-duty service member reservist or guard member - please state the particulars of your service, units and years you served into this section of the site. Thank you for your service to our country. The site moderators will modify your site title to match your service.

-- If you are a Ranger Parent - welcome! Please make an entry for yourself. We thank you for your sacrifice and uncertainty in being the parent of an active duty Ranger. At the same time, we know you are extremely proud of your son. The site moderators will modify your site title to match your status as a Ranger parent.

-- Allies please state your country of service and what you do, or have done, for your nation's military. The site moderators will modify your site title to match your status as a service member of your respective nation.

Please make yourselves at home on our site.

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