DOD Releases National Defense Industrial Strategy Interim Implementation Report


The Department of Defense (DoD) today published the National Defense Industrial Strategy (NDIS) Interim Implementation Report, detailing the progress that DoD is making toward implementing the actions laid out in the NDIS.

The NDIS, released in January by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Industrial Base Policy (OASD(IBP)), offers a strategic vision, and identifies four strategic priorities for modernizing the defense industrial ecosystem. The Interim Implementation Report outlines initiatives from across DoD, showcasing how efforts to build a resilient industrial base are an ongoing, DoD-wide priority. DoD will be sharing further details on NDIS implementation later this summer.

“This report conveys the commitment that the Department has made to achieving the priorities outlined in the National Defense Industrial Strategy since January,” said Assistant Secretary of Defense for Industrial Base Policy, Dr. Laura Taylor-Kale. “Among other activities, we are increasing our domestic production capabilities, educating and training the current and future defense industrial workforce, exploring new ways to lower the barriers to entry for small and non-traditional businesses, and strengthening collaboration with allies and partners.”

Many of the initiatives detailed in the report have received funding through the OASD(IBP)-administered Defense Production Act and Industrial Base Analysis and Sustainment programs, which play significant roles in strengthening supply chain resilience across key sectors. Together these programs provide complementary and flexible authorities to incentivize and strengthen the industrial base and support warfighter requirements.

DoD remains dedicated to achieving the NDIS strategic priorities, and will continue to collaborate with industry, international, interagency, and internal stakeholders to ensure the success of current and future industrial base initiatives.

The NDIS Interim Implementation Report is available at:

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