Charting a Digital Path: DOD’s Social Media Campaign to Build Next-Gen Civilian Talent


The Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Services (DCPAS) launched its first ever recruitment marketing campaign on social media to attract younger job seekers to a wide range of Department of Defense (DoD) civilian careers as recruiting civilian staff is a high priority for the Department.

“One of the biggest challenges we face in attracting the next generation of talent to DoD civilian careers is lack of awareness,” said Ms. Desiree Seifert, Associate Director of Employment Integration & Strategic Civilian Recruitment. “Young job seekers don’t think of DoD; they don’t realize that in addition to military careers, there are so many attractive civilian jobs available here that are aligned to their goals. Our campaign is designed to shift this perception.”

The “discover your future at DoD” will focus on overcoming barriers candidates may face in considering, pursuing, and applying for DoD Civilian Careers. The campaign will run through April 2024 on a range of social media channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, Spotify, Reddit and other relevant channels for those under 30.

“DoD offers unparalleled opportunities and experiences in key areas like AI/Cyber and STEM,” said Mr. Daniel Hester, DCPAS Director. “The DoD has over 650 occupations in 94 different countries around the globe, so come find your place within the DoD.”

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