DOD Announces New Reserve Forces Policy Board Members


On November 29, 2021, the Secretary of Defense directed that the Reserve Forces Policy Board (RFPB) can resume operations after his Zero Base Review, and on June 09, 2022, he appointed the following new Board members: MajGen (Ret) Arnold L. Punaro, USMCR, Chair; Ms. Margaret Sydney Ashworth; MG Susan E. Henderson, USAR; RDML Miriam L. Lafferty, USCGR; BG Haldane B. Lamberton, ARNG; Brig Gen Michele K. LaMontagne, ANG; Ms. Michelle Lenihan; MajGen Michael S. Martin, USMCR; Brig Gen (Ret) Carlos E. Martinez, USAFR; Maj Gen Eric S. Overturf, USAFR; Ms. Kathryn Roth-Douquet; RADML Eric C. Ruttenberg, USNR; CSM (Ret) John F. Sampa ARNG;  Loren D. Schulman; Mr. Paul N. Stockton;  Mr. Atul Vashishta; Dr. Ms. Debra S. Wada; and CW5 (Ret) Phyllis J. Wilson, USAR.

First established in 1951, the RFPB serves as an independent adviser to provide advice and recommendations directly to the Secretary of Defense on strategies, policies, and practices designed to improve and enhance the capabilities, efficiency, and effectiveness of the reserve components.  The twenty member board was restructured by the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 with a revised membership and operating framework currently by statute that consists of the RFPB Chairman, representatives from the Reserve Components and a designee from the Department of Homeland Security, and ten at large experts.  Pursuant to the statute, a Military Executive and a Senior Enlisted Advisor is recommended by the Chair and designated by the Secretary of Defense to serve, without vote, as military advisors to the Chair. The revised law now provides for membership by experts from outside the DoD.  Today’s appointment of new members is consistent with the modified law.

For more information call the RFPB at 703-681-0600 or visit the official RFPB website at

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