Downed C-141 SAR

Downed C-141 SAR

Written by: Centermass

I have kept this incident to myself over the years, why, I’m not really sure. I guess it started with the investigators requests not to have any contact with the media or discuss the details of the crash with anyone else.

20 years ago, on this day, started out like any other winter day in February in Florida at Eglin. No swamp or boat movement this day, only a simple recon and raid mission. I had the PL, PSG and WSL grades, Nieves had the 3 sqd ldrs. Sometime that afternoon, the weather began to turn. Movement continued. At the security halt, it started to rain steady. I figured maybe the students would take advantage of it (sound masking sound) as they were beginning to fall behind their time schedule taking forever to establish their ORP.

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