Questions and Answers about obtaining an Option 40 Contract and other routes to serving as a Ranger in the US Army.
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Postby xthe009 » February 4th, 2012, 11:46 am

Rangers, it's been a while since my last post, and unfortunately I had been DEP lossed back in August for medical reasons. I had fractured my right wrist along with patella tendonitis on both knees and was unable to delay my ship date since I had already renegotiated my contract for the option 40. I have been recovering from my injury since then. If anyone is to blame, it is myself, the injuries could have been avoided if I had trained smart instead of just hard. However, shit happens, I have no regrets, and I will drive on. Nothing worth doing is done easily, and I only see this as another challenge to bounce back from. I have now fully recovered, and started a pt program. I have also signed a new 68W contract, and look forward to my new path; while the road might be different, my goals remain the same, to be a Ranger. My ship date is 20120611, and will do my very best during basic and ait to earn a slot for Rasp.
Ship date: 20120611

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